Stretching and Mobility Videos

Stretching and Mobility Videos

The free videos found on this page can help you by focussing on good practice for stretching not only muscles but fascia and joint mobility.

I have included a variety of videos to help you to stretch correctly. Just press play and easily follow me as we do breathing exercises and mindfulness (short meditation at the end of the session), together.

I believe working on the body and mind connection is important for overall wellbeing.

Stretching & Mobility Library

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Full body 30 min. routine Stretching and mobilit Video 

Neck & Shoulders 30min. Stretching and mobility video

Hips & Low back 30min. Stretching and mobility video

Thoracic spine/Upper Back 30 min. Stretching and mobility video

Short 10min. stretching and mobility video for Hips&Low back during work break. 

Short 10min. Stretching and mobility video for Upper back during work break.

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