Employee wellbeing in milton keynes

Employee Wellbeing in Milton Keynes

Alleviate physical and mental stress at work for employees by booking an employee wellbeing package for your staff in Milton Keynes, with a massage treatment session at your workplace.

Improving employee wellbeing can increase productivity and  boost morale at the same time!

Clients sit fully clothed in a specially-designed, portable chair that can be set up wherever is most convenient for you. I will use a blend of massage techniques to stimulate specific pressure points aimed to alleviate tension, pain and stress from the body. No oils or creams are needed.

Choose between a half day and full day when booking with me for employee wellbeing in Milton Keynes.

Benefits of regular massage treatments at work

Increased Productivity

See employee productivity and mood improve when massage treatments become part of their routine. Massage treatments can calm, relax and invigorate.
Stress relief is almost immediate, and energy levels rise, helping employees to focus. Your employees will be grateful that you have provided a tangible employee wellbing benefit.

Reduce Employee Absence

Regular office massage treatments can help relieve common complaints such as neck and back pain, headaches, carpal tunnel syndrome and frozen shoulder. Regular massage treatments at work will improve mental and physical wellbeing over time and employees love it. 

Valued Employee

Introducing a massage therapist to employees  shows your staff that you value them, and shows you care about employee wellbeing. A valued employee is a one that is happy and will stay with you. Massage treatments at work are just a part of the picture when it comes to employee wellness. 

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