Office Chair Massage

Revitalise your team in Milton Keynes with our office chair massage.
At Clinical Massage MK, corporate massage services focus on holistic care.

Office Chair Massage

Imagine turning your Milton Keynes office into a vibrant centre of health and energy. That’s what our wellness packages are all about. We specialise in bringing a touch of corporate wellness directly to your doorstep, easing the stress and muscle tension that can bog down a busy team. It’s all about giving your staff that extra edge in productivity and a morale boost to keep the office atmosphere positively buzzing.

Think of it this way – our corporate massage sessions are like a pit stop for your employees. There’s no need for them to step out of the office – our compact, portable massage chair is designed to fit into your space with ease. And our massage therapist has the skills to target those trouble spots, melting away the strains of the day.

Whether you need us for just a morning or the entire day, we’ll craft a session that fits your team to a “T”.

Ready to see your staff refreshed and raring to go? Let’s chat about what a regular on-site massage session could do for your employees.

Join the ranks of Milton Keynes businesses that are already reaping the rewards.

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Benefits of office chair massage

Boost Team Productivity with Office Massage

Think of an office massage as a mini-vacation for the brain — it’s like a reset button that helps your team feel energised and ready to return to their desk feeling fresh and alert. It’s like giving them a secret weapon for enhanced productivity, one that they will enjoy and appreciate.

More than that, easing physical pain and tension means your employees can concentrate on work tasks instead of being distracted by discomfort.

By integrating our massage services into your workplace as part of their routine, you’re making a statement that your staff’s health is a priority.

Meet Pavol, and introduce our massage services into your Milton Keynes workspace and witness a transformation into a more relaxed, focused, and high-performing team.

Minimise Absenteeism with Workplace Massage

Regular on-site massage sessions are a gift that your team will appreciate, and your ally in cutting down team absences. 

By tackling common issues such as neck and shoulder stiffness, back discomfort, and  niggling repetitive strain injuries, our massages do more than just relax your team, they actively promote better mental and physical health.

Enhance Employee Satisfaction: Invest in Wellbeing with Corporate Massage

Bringing on-site massage to your office is a powerful demonstration of your commitment to your team’s health. It’s a proactive approach to employee wellbeing that fosters a loyal and contented workforce.

At Clinical Massage MK, our focus is on holistic care. We provide massage therapies that make your staff feel valued and are an essential part of the Milton Keynes business community, contributing to a positive and productive work environment.

Ready to see the difference for yourself? Reach out to us today for a personalised quote.

Let us know the size of your team and the desired session length, and we’ll tailor the perfect massage schedule for your company’s needs.

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How It Works:

Your Step-by-Step Guide to Office Massage Wellness


Initial Inquiry and Date Selection

Begin by contacting us with your office size and staff preferences. We’ll agree on the best dates for your team’s rejuvenation sessions and provide a tailored quote.


Setup on the Day

On the scheduled day, our therapist will arrive about 20 minutes early to prepare the massage space. No need to worry about rearranging your office — our massage chair takes up no more room than a standard office chair, requiring minimal space. Along with all the essentials for a complete massage experience, we even bring along soothing music to enhance the ambiance (if your office setting allows), ensuring everything’s set for a seamless start to your staff’s wellness session.


Personalised Massage Sessions

Each massage session is a serene escape, lasting 15 to 30 minutes per person, depending on the agreed-upon schedule and your booking duration, with options for half-day, full-day, or multiple consecutive days. Employees will arrive according to a pre-organised schedule provided by your organisation.


Health Assessment and Customization

Prior to each session, a therapist will conduct a brief health assessment to ensure there are no contraindications, and to personalise the treatment, focusing on areas like the neck, shoulders, or any specific concerns like headache relief.


Continued Support and Wellness

After our initial visit, we’ll follow up for feedback and discuss how regular sessions can become a cornerstone of your ongoing corporate wellness strategy. Our goal is to provide a lasting wellness partnership with your business, offering consistent care and attention to keep your workforce healthy and focused.


Maintaining a Cycle of Wellbeing

Commit to a cycle of regular massage sessions to sustain the wellbeing and morale of your team. We’re dedicated to nurturing a long-term relationship with your business, ensuring a workplace that thrives on health and happiness.

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Why Choose Clinical Massage MK for Office Wellness

  • Certified Expertise: Rely on our certified, fully insured therapist, who is a member of Complementary Health Professionals association, and a specialist in resolving office-related injuries and conditions (such as back, neck and shoulders pain and headaches), ensuring your team’s well-being is in expert hands.
  • Top-Rated Expertise: Celebrated as one of the top three massage therapists in Milton Keynes, we bring recognised and award-winning therapy right to your office.
  • Targeted Relief: Specialising in chronic pain from office work, we expertly treat back pain, neck stiffness, and headaches.
  • Effortless Integration: Our non-intrusive setup in your Milton Keynes office ensures a seamless wellness experience with zero disruption.
  • Results-Driven: Witness improved employee health and productivity, backed by our commitment to excellence and proven by Milton Keynes businesses.
  • Personalised Partnerships: Benefit from our adaptable and responsive approach to wellness, with options for monthly sessions to maintain peak team performance.
  • Total Satisfaction: Your team’s satisfaction is our priority, ensuring a superior service tailored to your company’s needs.

Choose Clinical Massage MK for a trusted partnership in corporate health and productivity.


Your Onsite Chair Massage Questions Answered

We only require as much space as a standard office chair and a small area to allow for the employee to comfortably enter and exit the chair. A spare room or quiet corner is sufficient.

Each session can last between 15 to 30 minutes, depending on the number of employees and the duration of the booking, which can be a half-day, full-day, or multiple consecutive days.

Absolutely. Our therapist is fully insured, member of professional massage associations, and specialises in treating musculoskeletal pain related to office job strains.

We conduct a brief health assessment before the massage to ensure there are no contraindications and to tailor the treatment to any specific needs or conditions the employee may have. The therapist will demonstrate how to sit on the massage chair.

Yes, our therapist can concentrate on specific problem areas. Employees are welcome to communicate their preferences, such as a focus on the neck and shoulders or assistance with headache relief.

Many companies find that monthly sessions strike the perfect balance, but we can tailor the frequency to suit your needs and preferences.

Simply reach out to us for a personalised quote, and we’ll handle the rest, from scheduling to delivering a top-notch massage experience at your workplace.

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