Eliminating Daily Headaches With Clinical Massage MK – Case Study

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Chronic Pain On A Daily Basis

When my massage therapist retired, I needed to find someone who would quickly get to grips with my situation, and be able to treat my symptoms effectively. As well as suffering from chronic headaches on a daily basis, I was experiencing pins and needles in my arms, hands and legs, and was also suffering with back and shoulder pain that was making my life miserable. In short, I needed to find a way of eliminating daily headaches that didn’t involve taking medication. 


Eliminating Daily Headaches With Clinical Massage MK

I realised it would take more than one session for me to benefit from massage treatments, and with such a personal service, I was nervous about finding a massage therapist through Google, but seeing Pavol’s outstanding reviews gave me the confidence I needed to get in touch.


I also read a blog article on this website about understanding headaches and migraines, that explained how clinical massage can help with headaches, and also gave some self care tips that I found really helpful. This gave me more confidence that Pavol might be able to help me. 


I felt a little self-conscious as I wasn’t sure about having a male massage therapist, but from the moment I made contact, Pavol made me feel comfortable and at ease and explained that clinical massage was an effective way to eliminate daily headaches. 

Pain Free After Three Sessions

After a thorough initial assessment, Pavol established that my problems were likely being caused by bad posture and weak core strength. As well as feeling instant relief from the headache, the pins and needles had lessened. He also gave me some strength and mobility exercises to do at home between sessions to complement the treatment.

Pavol suggested a treatment plan of 6 sessions in total, but by the third session I was no longer suffering from headaches, and the pins and needles were completely gone. In the remaining sessions Pavol worked on my poor posture, which helped to eliminate other aches and pains that surfaced once the main issues had been resolved. 

Thank you Clinical Massage MK

Thanks to Pavol and his extensive knowledge about the mechanics of the human body, I am not only totally pain free, but I know what exercises to do and how to do them at home to prevent the symptoms returning. I can’t thank Pavol enough for helping me to live a pain free life. 

Pavol is passionate about his profession and explains each exercise so that you understand the treatment. The therapy room is comfortable, warm and relaxing, and with the convenience of a city centre location with free parking is also easy to find. 

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