Myofascial Structural Integration

Myofascial Structural Integration - Case Study

After sustaining a pretty serious hamstring injury around 3 years ago, I was still experiencing sharp pains in my left hip and knee from time to time. Sometimes the pain would persist for several weeks. I had heard of myofascial structural inegration, but had no idea whether it would be a suitable treatment for me. Whilst I continued to train, I was mindful of performing certain movements like heavy squats in an effort to avoid further injury. 

Inflammation causes joint and muscle pain

Over the course of 3 years the pain was intermittent and varied in intensity, but at times it was debilitating. I visited three physiotherapists, all of whom acknowledged that there seemed to be some misalignment. They suggested building up the muscles around the joints for stability. An MRI scan revealed that I also had a severe case of Bursitis in my hip joint and that inflammation was a factor in my symptoms. 

Chronic pain prevents training

In an effort to reduce the pain which at times was chronic, I was prescribed strong anti-inflammatory medication which I took for over 3 months. Extensive rehab exercises were prescribed, and I was offered guidance about which moves to avoid in training, all of which made the pain more manageable. From time to time I suffered intense bouts of chronic pain that prevented me from training altogether. If I wanted to carry on training, I resigned myself to the fact that I would just have to live with the pain. 

Myofascial release

During a consultation I mentioned this to Pavol and he suggested I try myofascial release. He explained that myofascial release is a type of physical therapy that is used to treat the symptoms I was experiencing, and focuses on reducing pain by easing tension and tightness in trigger points. Pavol explained that he had a number of clients that had experienced extraordinary results with this treatment. He knows what he is doing and was confident it would help.  

Myofascial Structural Integration Treatment

The treatment was over three sessions, each one focusing on a different area of the body. I was stunned to feel relief almost immediately after the first session, and just two weeks after the third session, the pain was completely gone. Already more mobile and able to train effectively, I was totally pain free for more than three months following treatment. 
After three years of searching for a remedy, myofascial release is the only treatment that has had a significant impact on my pain levels, with immediate results. 
From time to time I experience pain still, but nowhere near the intensity that I had previously. Substituting my regular sports massage for myofascial structural integration from time to time helps to keep me mobile and prevent episodes of chronic pain. 
I would strongly recommend this treatment to anyone with ongoing mobility or inflammation issues.

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