Looking after each other during Covid-19



I will not work if I or someone in my household need to self-isolate or feel unwell. 

I’m asking the same of you if you are or someone in your household experiencing any Covid-19 symptoms or feeling unwell please postpone or cancel your appointment.

Consultation and Consent

Your initial consultation will be done before your treatment by phone or video call. I’ll ask you to fill out an online consent form regarding Covid-19.

During the Treatment

I’ll wear a face mask and visors. 

You will need to wear a face mask from the moment you answer the door.

I’ll let you know when you can take the face mask off during the treatment when you will be laying face-down. 

The massage table will be thoroughly disinfected before and after your treatment. I’ll provide clean linen and towels for your treatment and place used bedding into a separate plastic bag after the session is complete.

Let me know if you’re exempt

If you have an age, health or disability reason for not wearing a face covering, please let me know during our consultation or by messaging me before your booking.

Contactless Payment

Payment is made before your appointment by bank transfer or card payment via the booking system.

Postpone or cancel your appointment if

You or anyone in your household is self-isolating or experiencing any symptoms related to COVID-19.

You have not been cleared by a doctor or have experienced any symptoms within the past 2 weeks.

Anyone in your household has knowingly been exposed.

Shower and/or wash your hands

Please wash your hands thoroughly before and after the treatment. I recommend showering before massage treatments generally as it’s a lovely way to warm the muscles up and now acts as an extra safety step.

Please provide a kitchen sink or bathroom for me to wash my hands before and after the treatment.

Prepare the space and let fresh air in​

Clear 2x2m of floor space ahead of time. If you can, open a window to let fresh air flow through the room before and after your session.

Thank you for your trust and support

I wouldn’t be here without your ongoing support and trust in me and the services I provide. I’m so grateful.

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