What to Expect from your Clinical Massage Experience!

Clinical Massage treatment has helped me to recover from a hip operation, and has enabled me to continue doing regular exercise and sports without injury. I would thoroughly recommend this approach to all ages. — Matt

What is Clinical Massage? 

Clinical massage is a massage therapy that has a lasting effect on pain symptoms, and indeed stress levels. I use a range of techniques that are customised to your specific needs, and the these can vary from one session to the next. It is my job to ascertain which techniques will serve you best in each session to get results that mean you feel better immediately. 

Whatever your concerns or pain levels, I will use various techniques and massage methods to address the problem as quickly as possible.   

More information about massage treatments is available HERE.  


What to expect when you start Clinical Massage therapy.

At the beginning of each session, I will custom design a massage therapy session that helps you today! I will need to spend some time at the beginning of the session asking questions about how you are feeling.

Typically, I will ask about:

  • the symptoms that brought you to me
  • the sort of pain you are experiencing
  • any medical issues
  • how you use your body currently on a daily basis
  • any old injuries that you may have that could be affecting how you feel today

Meet your Clinical Massage therapist

I’m a fully qualified Clinical Massage therapist, experienced in many styles of treatment, and trained to listen and use the information you share at the start of your session to design a treatment that will give you the most immediate relief. 

Usually we will then work together to create a treatment plan that works with your schedule to provide long term relief, but this is by no means obligatory. I certainly will not prescribe any unnecessary treatment. 

I want you to feel completely comfortable with me as your therapist. I’m more than  happy for you to put you in contact with my other clients, and you will find several kind reviews here, so please do have a look at them too.

“I had a massage recently and Pavol really took the time to understand what was wrong with my back and shoulders. He’s very professional and friendly and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him!”

—Bhavini Lakhani (Facebook review)


Clinical massage in 60 or 90 minutes, you choose!

Once you have decided on the length of your treatment, we can discuss any areas that you would like me to help you with. 


What to wear for your Clinical Massage treatment?

Something loose and comfortable is recommended. The treatment room will be heated to a comfortable temperature and after a short discussion about todays session, I will leave the room while you undress to your underwear (or a level that you are comfortable with) in privacy. You will be asked to lie down on the heated massage table face down, covered from the waist down with the towels provided.


What happens during a  Clinical Massage session?

I will work through your treatment, working on each part of your body giving instructions when there is a need to adjust your position. You can be confident that I will ensure that only areas that I am working on  will be exposed. If you need to turn over, I will help you to keep the towel in place whilst you do so.

At the end of your Clinical Massage treatment, I will leave the room once more to allow you to get up at your own pace, and get dressed again. I am more than happy to talk over any concerns you may have before, during or after your treatment. Please do get in touch at any time. 

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